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Your weekly rundown for October 3, 2018


California passed a net neutrality bill and was instantly slapped with a lawsuitby the DOJ, Facebook is hit with a class action lawsuit following a security breach of 50M user accounts, and Google’s CEO visited the White House amidst allegations of search result partisanship.

October starts with a bang!

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Clause, a 3-year-old, New York-based smart contract company, has released their public beta. Users can upload MS Word or PDF documents and embed any of the Open Source Smart Clauses from the Accord Project template library.

This comes off the heels of an announced partnership between LegalZoom and Clause last month.

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Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, was sued by the SEC for misleading investors via his post on Twitter last month stating that he had “funding secured” for a buyout of the electric-car company at $420 per share.

Under the advisement of his lawyers and investors, Elon settled the charges with the SEC. The settlement forces Musk to step aside as chairman for three years and pay a $20 million fine.

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Google, Amazon, Twitter, and more gathered in Washington D.C. to discuss privacy law in response to the General Data Protection Regulations passed by the European Parliament last May.

“More than any other time in my career in privacy there is momentum toward codifying baseline privacy requirements in law. We welcome this.”

- Keith Enright, Google Chief Privacy Officer

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Blockstack is hiring for Legal Counsel. The position is located in New York City and pays between $140,000 — $160,000.

Legably is hiring for Legal Business Development. The attorney-centric job site is hiring around Providence, RI or Boston, MA and remotely. It pays between $65,000 — $125,000.

Bloom is hiring for In-House General Legal Counsel in Orlando, Florida. This blockchain-inspired credit score company offers an entirely remote position and pays between $100,000 — $175,000.



Clio Cloud Conference is set to kick off October 4th in New Orleans. The two-day conference focuses on connecting legal tech leaders and ideas, highlighting legal innovation with keynote speakers.

Strategic Technology Forum is scheduled for October 10th — 12th in Laguna Beach, California. The annual retreat will draw legal professionals and feature professionals from the Codex Stanford Program in Law and the FBI.



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