Types of Wage Violations

Types of Wage Violations

A few of the most common types of wage and hour violations committed by employers

Types of Wage Violations

In the state of California, it is required by law for employers to pay their employees on time and in full amount of what is owed. Here are a few types of common wage violations employers often commit:

  • Employee misclassification

An employee’s status as exempt or nonexempt must be clearly communicated to him or her during the on-boarding process, and must be agreed upon before employment. If an employer applies non exempt practices to an exempt employee, then these are grounds for wage violation.

  • Overtime

Employers will try to avoid logging an employee's time. "Off the clock" work is considered illegal in the state of California. For exempt employees, an employer must pay the right amount of due overtime wages.

  • Nursing Breaks

Under the FLSA, mothers have the right to nursing breaks at any time during their working hours. 

  • Unpaid Meal Breaks 

Employers must allow 30 minute breaks for every 5 hours worked. A meal break may only be unpaid if the employee is relieved of all duties during this break.

Learn more about other types of payment and wage violations by speaking with an experienced wage and hour disputes lawyer

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