5 Steps to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

5 Steps to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

How to successfully file a personal injury claim and receive compensation for your injuries.

Suffering injuries after an accident can be devastating, you may be worrying about your health, your medical expenses, and so much more. Leave the legal process on the hands of an experienced personal injury lawyer who will be able to fight for your compensation, while you concentrate on your recovery.

These are some steps to follow if you've been involved in an accident and want to file an injury claim.

  1. Call the police after a serious accident. Give the police all the details you can remember about the incident. Gather evidence on the scene such as pictures, names of eyewitnesses that can support your story, the exact location and time of the accident, and anything else that you believe may help with your claim.
  2. Seek medical care for your injuries and follow the doctor’s instructions on your medical treatment.
  3. Once a medical specialist has taken care of your injuries, contact a personal injury lawyer who will represent your claim and help you receive the compensation that you deserve.
  4. Follow to your state’s filing deadline. Each state has a specific statute of limitations that you must follow if you want the court to hear your claim. After the statute of limitations has passed you will not be able to pursue compensation for your injuries. A lawyer can determine if you are within the statute of limitations for your claim.
  5. Understand your state’s fault laws. Your personal injury attorney will help you pursue the maximum compensation possible depending on your state’s laws.

An experienced lawyer can guide you through the complexities of the legal system and fight on your behalf.  

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